Claudia and Jim 

Claudia and Jim live in the hills above Montreaux. We visit for coffee and homemade jam on toast and a fine chat. Their view extends across to the Porte d'Soleil while fluffy clouds hang in the valley below obscuring Lake Geneva.Back in the car to pick up Lucy Darling from the airport and back to Val d'Isere. Kate is straight to work while Lucy and I unpack and start the Christmas Eve celebrations.


Verbier Roadtrip

As the snow continues to fall in resort Kate and I pack the car and drive across France to the Swiss ski mecca that is Verbier. The Physioval phone has been left with Pilly and Becs. We make good time but decide to drive over 2 mountain passes rather than via Geneva on the peage. The Jeep comes into its own as we cross the Col des Montets and then Forclaz. Deep snow on the roads and no other cars around. At 3pm it is as dark as night in the dangerous conditions and Kate comments on "The Shining" like silence. Turn the ipod up...Guns n Roses......and keep concentrating!! It is forever before we are waving passports at the moustachioed Swiss Border Guard and descend through the old vineyards into Martigny.

The Shining silence over Col des Montets Lucy Black kindly lets us use her apartment. She is  resort manager for a posh chalet group. We dine with Bert Louveaux at Rouge, a very grown up restaurant at the bottom of Rouge piste and after escorting him back to his hotel to check up on T a very tired couple crash out in the most 1970's decor I have seen. Austin Powers would say "well hello...."


Today is the Day I give up hope of being with Bert 

Major sadness descends on Val d'Isere as it is obvious that Rowena, my ex wife, and her aggressive solicitor Simon Pigott from LMP do their darndest to block any hope of Bert and I seeing each other. I have been presented as a disgusting father and general nasty piece of shit by the two of them and I will never forgive Rowena or the dishonourable Mr Pigott for this. The English Family Law Courts do fathers all over the land a great injustice in the way they handle our childrens lives. What can I do to change this for my son and others ???



Can't sit back and relax on these bad boys !! After being introduced to the ski legend Mark Jones in The Blue Note last week my search began for his recommendation....the pair of off piste skis I could grow into over the season. VOLKL GOTOMA 186.....Phillipe at the basement ski shop got the job and after watching them being finished in the workshop, spent today gingerly riding.....OMG. Bring on the next big powder day !!


Big Bad Bode Miller

Today the World Cup Ski circus rolled into Val. The Combined Event pulled Kate and I back from our own skiing to see these gigantic athletes power down slopes in the Super-G and Slalom. Tight lycra and high tech kit with the backdrop being perfect conditions down Face Bellvarde. We got up close with Bode in the interview area....Milka provided the free chocolate chaud.