Tignes Tragedy

Birthday tomorrow. Skiing this morning with Kate, Andy and Ingrid. Slowing down to enter a lift queue and slip on an icy patch......Gotoma's not built to slow down...hit by two skiers...blood, pain and tweaked my knee. Kate the Physio tendered to my kneeds....Icepack, Nurofen, Leffe and a Smooch :(


The Wire

No TV, average snow, poor vis and hoards of holidaymakers on the slopes means only one thing, an immediate dive, deep into series one of The Wire.

Gutsy, Grim and Intense portrait of a world not too far from us all, Baltimore could be London, the towers... in Brixton or Battersea and the cash, as we know, can lead you anywhere.

Its been just a few days since FedEx knocked on the door of our cabin with the complete box set ( an early birthday present from The Chairman ). Kate and I already at Episode 9.

Most Def x


Fall of the Season so far.......

And the Arbor Factory rider Kate Henry even manages to show off her sponsor's logo on the bottom of the board as she eats snow on the Le Fornet glacier.......


Still Not Bored !!

Kate and I arrived in resort on the 4th December. Its now the 13th January and I'm still not bored. As Big Phil says its always gutsy to hop off the Hampster Wheel but it brings great rewards.

A zen-like stillness descends as I stand at the top of the ridge, knee deep in powder, as the turns just happen I am comfortable with the speed and then in a flash am at the end, short of breath, looking up at my trail visible, captured, alone in the powder above. Still a few more months of this.......have not made any entries for a while as I am aware of how self absorbed all this skiing may seem, but it is so much more than that, in the mountains, improving, conquering fear and breathing deeply.....exhausting, but my battered body just holding up to the forces involved.

Skyped Bert today for the first time in 3 weeks as he returns to Melbourne.....apparently they don't have the internet in Tasmania. I still can't believe he is not coming over to ski with Kate and I. The force is strong in the boy and our time together will come, young Skywalker xChalet Bonnevie......home at the top of Le Fornet


Merry Christmas

A bit slow this morning but coffee and the Henry ritual of Xmas scrambled eggs with salmon. We get to speak with Bert who is in Tasmania with his Grandfather. A world away, but Santa delivered his present all the way from Val (thanks Poste France). We skype Loz and Syl in Cornwall with Nick, Susie and Pat. Christmas is a time for relationships, to celebrate those we love and giving means so much more than receiving, but I did get a lovely pen, a perfect book and the dodgiest winter gillet ever !! MERRY CHRISTMAS xxx