MARK BENDER is now working at


       604 Fulham Road

       Parsons Green

      SW6 5RP

(that's just opposite Gail's Bread on the corner of Fulham Rd and Clonmel Rd)

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I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, where I was regarded as a mediocre student

and a talentless sportsman. At least nobody ever questioned my determination and commitment.

As a freshly qualified Physiotherapist I could not understand why none of my patients got better, so in the 1980's I took my postgraduate training in Australia. This was the turning point in my career. I spent valuable time in the company of Jenny McConnell, the famous Sydney Physiotherapist. Her functional approach to assessment and treatment underpin my clinical ethos today. For the last three decades I have helped in the management and treatment of some of the worlds top sportsmen and women (not to name drop, but my favourite has to be Tim Henman, on and off the court a class act). That level of experience takes a while to gain, and is never easy, but that's what helps me get results other clinicians dream about.

 It was May 2nd 2007 that I underwent spinal surgery on a dodgy disc after spending the previous 2 months with severe low back pain and sciatica. This experience has given me a different level of understanding and has spurred on my desire for plain-speaking diagnosis while reinforcing my commitment to functional rehabilitation. I have lived and worked in London since 1991. That's 25 years!! The first 18 were spent as the Founder and Clinical Director of Fulham Physio - the group of clinics that is now Six Physio. Then two years living and working in the French Alps, where I skied a bit. My return to work in London was under the guise of Beyondhealth, but my co founders and I just couldnt fulfil our lofty ambitions. 

I have been part of Team Murray since 2013, travelling on the tennis tour as part of the support staff for Andy Murray and have been lucky to work with a group of extremely professional, highly motivated, worldclass experts in a nurturing and supportive environment, helping search for those small gains that matter in elite sport.

When I am not travelling those 20 weeks with Andy, I now live in Tisbury, South Wiltshire, with my family. Kate and I open our Wellness Centre here in Tisbury this September 2016. Getting close to the Change of Use Planning Application being finalised, then the building works, then the Opening Party.....

London now, is those weeks I am not travelling with Andy on a Wednesday and occasional Saturday. I've been  rescued  by Dr Luther Moss who has welcomed me into his clinic at 604 Fulham Road Parsons Green SW6 5RP (cnr Clonmel Rd opposite Gails Bread) and so will remain available for consultations in London. When I am travelling, I will still use my network of expert physical medicine specialists to augment my treatments.

I look forward to catching up with you soon, and as we all know, having a bit of a chat is the most effective therapy.


Much love,


Mark  x














the photographer said "you look better black and white" but i fought to get some ginger into the shot.......and as for the gait analysis !!!